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CalFIRE defines Defensible Space as “the buffer you create between a building on your property and the grass, trees, shrubs, or any wildland area that surround it.” Maintaining Defensible Space is crucial to protecting a building from wildfire damage, as well as damage from other catastrophic events. 

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Defensible Space Map

The Defensible Space Map on the Betterview Platform shows underwriters the exact amount of Defensible Space in three different zones on the property. The map spotlights tree cover, yard debris, secondary structures, and any other factors which take away from total Defensible Space.

Wildfire Vulnerability Score

Betterview’s Wildfire Vulnerability Score rates each building on a property on a scale of 1-100, based on its amount of Defensible Space. These scores help determine a property’s overall risk of damage. They can be integrated into our customizable Flagging System to empower direct underwriter action.

The World is Changing.

US map showing catastrophic weather/climate events


Increase in catastrophic weather/climate events over the last 5 years


Of structures within the US lie in natural disaster hotspots



Of Americans live in counties affected by natural disasters in 2021

As climate change increases the risk of catastrophic events across the country, such as hurricanes and wildfires leaving more people vulnerable, insurers must find new ways to prevent damage and keep their customers safe.

Defensible Space is part of the solution.

Using our Defensible Space Map combined with third-party data from our trusted PartnerHub, insurers can streamline the efficiency of their underwriters, predict and prevent future losses, and build a stronger and more transparent customer experience.


Turn Agents and Underwriters into Insurance Heroes.

Proactively alert policyholders when their Defensible Space is insufficient, empowering them to better protect their propertyavoid catastrophic damage, and sleep soundly at night knowing they are protected.
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