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HazardHub + Betterview - Hail Claim Predictor

The most accurate combination of
hail probability & vulnerability.

Image of hail on roof marked with damage indicator


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A Look into the Current Landscape and Future of Hail Claims and Risk

Join Jason Gross as he moderates a conversation with John Siegman and David Lyman on the current state of hail data available to insurance companies. Discover why their two companies, Guidewire and Betterview, worked together to create the new Hail Claim Predictor — an accurate, transparent, and highly predictive indicator of claim risk.

Watch now to learn how your business can accurately price hail policies and minimize losses using comprehensive insights and tools designed to mitigate hail risk and Predict & Prevent hail claims.


Jason Gross ManchesterStory
Jason Gross
Vice President - Head of Platform
John HazardHub Webinar
John Siegman
Senior Director of Operations
Guidewire Software
David Lyman Circle
David Lyman
Co-Founder & CEO

Guidewire + Betterview

Combining the HazardHub Enhanced Hail Score and the Betterview Hail Vulnerability Score, the New Hail Claim Predictor includes both the likelihood that a severe hail event will happen and the survivability of a structure if it does. This new tool aims to empower insurers to optimize risk selection, automate underwriting decisions, and foster closer customer relationships.




Partnership is a core value at Betterview. Equipped with third-party property data from PartnerHub, our property intelligence platform users can augment our technology with additional insights from industry-leading companies, optimizing efficiency and building a full picture of real property risk.